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Equipment Details


Having been in the business since 1982,

we've gone through alot of changes over these years.


We've always tried to stay at the forefront of technology.

Not an easy task when you consider how fast things have moved over recent years.


In August 1996 we robbed a bank and installed our first professional SVHS edit suite.

Since then this suite has been given several updates and has always been kept in

perfect condition, due mainly to regular servicing.


However in October 1999 the plunge was taken to move into DIGITAL.


A JVC DY700 D9 video camera was purchased along with a DY-800 edit recorder.


This we use for corporate and broadcast work.


In October 2001 the bank was robbed again.

This time two PANASONIC DVC-200 video

cameras were purchased for all other video work,

especially weddings.


So far we have been more than happy with these

cameras, and look forward to getting many years

of excellent images with them.


February 2002 seen us install our first all digital editing suite.

This hi-tech equipment ensured that we stayed ahead of the rest by enabling us to

add thousands of special effects, record DVD's and because it's digital, editing with no quality loss.


In June 2002 we updated and added new special effects, like photo albums which look like photo albums where the pages are either still photographs or moving images.

A Panasonic digital edit recorder was also purchased in June. (There will be no nights out now for a while !!!)


Owing to the fact that our DVD recording division had been under 'serious' pressure to get DVD's recorded, we then updated our DVD hardware in September 2002, to give us a faster turn around.


Deciding that we probably spent enough money throughout 2002 we weren't planning on buying anything more for a while, but then in January 2003 our software company provided us with the latest upgrade (effects, etc.) FREE. Phew !


So now we're completely up to date with the latest software and hardware, so if we can't do it, it can't be done.


September 2003 - We've just upgraded our DVD recorder to a higher speed device, which also allows us to 'COPY' our DVD productions.


February 2004 - Having visited the Video Forum Show in Wembley, London , we

have upgraded our Panasonic DVC200's to two newer models of the same camera.

This now leaves us with 4 DVC200 cameras which means that we now can now carry a digital camera as a backup.

The latest DVD recording software was also purchased at this show. We are still trying to come to terms with the power and production gimmicks of this software. Whenever we do, we will be using this to record more 'user-friendly' DVD's.


Also due to the special offers at the show, a new editing station was also ordered.

This 'should' speed up turnaround of our productions, allowing us to work on two different

projects at the same time. This is also to be fitted with the latest high speed DVD burner which will also speed up DVD production.


August 2004 - Having speeded up turnaround, we have got busier as well so to be honest turnaround has slowed a wee bit again. However as we always give everything our special undivided attention you can still expect the usual high standard.


January 2005 - Visited the Video Forum show again this year only at Earls Court in London this year. Purchased the latest update in Editing software and special effects.

Desktop Software also updated.


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