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Hot Mikado
presented by St. Macartan’s College
Transition Year Students


Nanki-Poo has banished himself from his father's royal court because he is hopelessly in love with the beautiful young Iady,
Yum-Yum however, is engaged to her guardian, Ko-Ko.
Upon learning that Ko-Ko has been condemned to death for the crime of flirting, Nanki-Poo comes to Titipu to claim Yum-Yum's hand. After an odd turn of events, it turns out that Ko-Ko has not only been reprieved of his death sentence, but has earned a promotion to the post of Lord High Executioner.
                                             Unfortunately, he is not a big fan of killing
people. With The Mikado of Japan becoming increasingly annoyed at the lack of executions taking place, Ko-Ko makes a deal with
Nanki-Poo, not realizing that he's the son of The Mikado. He allows Nanki-Poo to marry Yum-Yum  for one month, as long as he is executed after that month.

Complications ensue though, when it is
discovered that a condemned man's wife
must join her spouse in death by being buried
alive, and The Mikado has announced that he is coming to town that very next day!




St. Macartan’s College Hall,

February 2008




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