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West Side Story

presented by St. Macartan’s College
Transition Year Students


The Sharks and the Jets are two feuding street
gangs in 1950's New York, the Jets being White
and the Sharks being Puerto Rican. At a dance at a gym, Jet Tony falls in love with a Sharks sister, Maria. They know they can't be together because of the gang's war but that doesn't stop them.


Meanwhile, the two gangs prepare for a rumble
and Tony tries to stop it out of love for Maria.
In the process, his best friend and Jet leader Riff is killed by Maria's brother, Bernardo.
In anger, Tony kills Bernardo. He then realizes his mistake (killing his love's brother) and begs for forgiveness, which of course, Maria gives him. They decide they have to leave the city and the pointless hate behind them. They plan to meet at Doc's Candy Store and take a bus to the country.


Chino, the Shark Maria is supposed to marry, vows to kill Tony.
Maria begs Anita, Bernardo's fiance, to tell Tony she will be a little late to meet him at Doc's Candy Store, but when Anita is mauled by the Jets, she angrily tells them that Maria is dead, murdered by Chino.





St. Macartan’s College Hall,

February 2009




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