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Questions asked by Potential Clients


What is the biggest mistake a bride and groom could make

when having their wedding video taped?

The single worst mistake is using a non-professional videographer. You may have friends or family members who want to film your wedding for you. Be careful. You wouldn't trust your photographs, cake or bridal gown to a friend or relative. Neither should you give them the responsibility of capturing your wedding on video. Imagine their feelings if something went wrong? It's always best to leave it in the hands of a professional.


Is there really a difference between a professional wedding video and what my friend could do?

How much better a singer is Celine Dion than your friend? How much better is a professional videographer than your friend? Frankly there is no comparison. True professionals create marvellous works of art with their tools. Our tools just happen to be state of the art digital equipment... the results are true artistry.


How do I shop for a wedding videographer?

Ask for referrals from friends and family first. Trust the judgement of those who have gone before you. Ask the videographer to see samples of their work. When you see the style and quality you will make the right choice for yourself.

Remember, while price is important, do not base your decision on price alone. Saving a few bob won't make you feel any better if you don't like your video. Ultimately, look for a videographer that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Trust your instincts. They'll probably serve you well more often than not.


How long will our wedding video be?

It is hard to guarantee the length of the video, as it depends on the ceremony and reception. However, the eight hours that we are with you usually covers up to 3 hours video.


How may copies do we get ?

We provide two fully chaptered, menu driven, interactive DVD’s to our couples.

Extra copies can be organised if necessary.


Will you distract our guests doing the reception ?

Absolutely not! As professionals, everything we do is done with you and your guests in mind. We want this to be the greatest day of your life!


How important is good equipment?

Vitally important to good quality. Newer digital cameras offer superior

quality pictures and clearer sound. However it is what we do with our

equipment that sets us apart. We put our heart and soul into each and

every video, to produce a work of art that you'll love to watch and be

proud to show to others


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