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Wedding Videography - Why Should I ...?


Many times people ask, "Why should I bother having my wedding videotaped?" -

"I'm going to have my picture album to look at." The answer to this is very simple:

How much would it be worth to you to see a film of your parents' wedding,

your grandparents', or even your great-grandparents' wedding?


Ten years ago, nobody would have considered not hiring a photographer.

The photographer was the only choice for capturing wedding moments.

Today, however, you have more choices.


If you could add sound and motion to your still pictures, you'd call this video.

If you had a choice between seeing pictures of your grandparents' wedding, or actually seeing what your grandparents were doing during their wedding day, and hearing their voices again from a bygone time, which one would you choose?


If you want your children and grandchildren to know about your wedding day, don't you think you'd like them to be able to hear your vows, enjoy your wedding day music, cry along with you as you did when you and your father danced together, and laugh with you and your guests as you enjoy the day's festivities?


A finely crafted video will not only capture the essence of the day, the sights, sounds, and emotions, but will be cherished by your family now and for years to come.

Your wedding video is forever.


We consider the wedding day to be one of the highest points in a couple's life.

It is the union of two different families and the creation of an entirely new dynasty.

Weddings are a blessing bestowed upon the Bride and the Groom by the Almighty -

just for these reasons alone a wedding should be videotaped.


Since the dawn of mankind people have attempted to record and preserve images from life that they felt most important to them. The cavemen from Lascaux used natural pigments and crude handmade brushes to preserve their memories. Our means are more elegant and sophisticated - digital broadcast cameras, small and inconspicuous yet capable of capturing breathtaking video: high quality audio from the day's sound and for the final edit, state of the art editing suites to create wedding memories that will last for generations to come.


We believe that thanks to the extreme power, high quality, and ease of use of our existing digital technology, the time right now is the golden age of wedding videography.


Memories are fleeting things, passing through our lives like a gentle spring rain.

So much will happen, that you will only remember bits and pieces of your wedding day.


The wedding videographer is your portal back to your special day, the one who remembers the kaleidoscope of your wedding festivities, the one who remembers for those yet to come. Isn't it worth it for you to capture all these events of your truly most unforgettable moment? We say, "absolutely! - You deserve it!!"



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